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Evolution Of Rock

Big 8 Radio presents the Evolution of Rock. The acclaimed rock music syndicated documentary from the late 70's air with new chapters every Wednesday at 5pm. Repeated Sunday's at 9am eastern. )

Top 100 of 1965 Countdown

CKLW did not print or publish any charts in 1965 or 1966 for the public - but internal use only. We've acquired some of these - long held in a private collection for over 50 years. We were excited to present the CKLW Top 100 of 1965 Countdown over Labor Day Weekend 2021.

Click here to download the CKLW Top 100 of 1965 souvenir edition chart

CKLW Top 100 of 1965

Top 100 of 1969 Countdown

At the end of 1969 CKLW, along with other Drake formatted stations decided to forgo the year end song review. In it's place they presented the Top 100 of the 60's Decade Review.
Now Big 8 Radio after all these years presents the Top 100 of 1969 Countdown - newly tabulated by music researcher David Kelly from the 52 weekly 1969 CKLW Big 30 charts .
Big 8 Radio host Charlie O'Brien counted down the brand new CKLW Top 100 of 1969 on the 4th of July weekend 2021.

Click here to download the CKLW Top 100 of 1969 souvenir edition chart

TOP 100 1969

2019 Top 100 of The 60's

Big8Radio tabulated and played back The Top 100 of the 60's based on listener votes. Click the link to download a personal copy of the chart:

2019 Top 100 Chart-rev

Daily Features on Big 8 Radio

NEW!! Motown In the Morning

Every weekday morning at 8 tune in for an hour of Motown Sounds as we celebrate Motown's 60th! The record label turns 60, and we have a solid 60 minutes of Motown Hits, lesser known songs, B-sides, unreleased tracks and Lost and Found Treasures to play for you.

On Mondays stay with the Big 8 ALL DAY for extra Motown tracks every hour on Motown Mondays!

The Big 8 Break / 8 Times Day

Big 8 Radio not only pays tribute to all the former personalities of the Drake Era CK with Top of The Hour ID's, but you can hear them on the Big 8 Breaks. Big 8 Breaks are short 3-5 minute edited segments of actual Classic Big 8 CKLW Radio shows gathered up from the 60's and 70's featuring some of the BEST Radio DJ's ever: Tom Shannon, Dave Shafer, Ted Richards, Pat Holiday, Bill Gable, Steve Hunter, Frank Brodie, Jim Jackson, Super Max Kinkel, Johnny Williams and Gary Burbank. Also the 20/20 News Anchors are featured, people like Dick Smyth, Byron MacGregor, Steve Madely, Lee Marshall, Grant Hudson, Randall Carlisle and MORE.

Classic CKLW Commercials and Classic CKLW Weather Hourly at 10 past.

Wait, is that today's forecast? NO! It's from 40 or 50 years ago. Those commercials feature 1960's and 70's cars, banks, toothpaste, album releases, movies and department stores! A mini time-trip.


Weekly Shows on Big 8 Radio

The Friday All Request Hour / 12noon and 7pm Eastern - repeated Sunday's at 12noon Eastern

On Friday's we turn the Lunch Hour over to you! Make your request from the 50's, 60's or 70's and we'll get it on! Monday's we start a new request thread on our Facebook group page - or drop us a note on Instagram. The Friday All Request Hour is heard every Friday at Noon Eastern / 9am Pacific and repeated 7pm Eastern / 4pm Pacific.


CKLW Rewind Show / Saturday Noon pm Eastern - repeated Saturday 9pm Eastern

The REWIND Show features long form classic CKLW airchecks from the 60's and 70's. Many are 30 minutes or longer - a time trip back to the glory days of CKLW and Top 40 Radio of the 60's and 70's. Many of your favorite Big 8 jocks will be featured including: Dave Shafer, Pat Holiday, Ted Richards, Super Max Kinkel, Tom Shannon, Ed MItchell, Scott Regen and many, many more!

The REWIND Show airs every Saturday at Noon and 9pm Eastern time streaming on www.Big8radio.com.


Top 10 at 10

The Top 10 at 10 COUNTDOWN SHOW is a weekly ONE HOUR show featuring the songs from a classic Motor City radio chart. Heard every Tuesday at 10am and 10pm we present a full hour including hitbounds, chart movers and climbers and the Top 10 songs of that week.. It could be a CKLW,WXYZ,WJBK or a Keener 13 chart from back in the day.

Lost Gold Hour / Wednesday 5pm Eastern - repeated Sunday's 11am Eastern

Lost Gold can be any song from the 50's, 60's or 70's that just never quite made the top of the charts. It could have been a Hitbound or a song that climbed all the way to #25 and stalled out - an album cut or a 45 flip side. We'll dig them out of the basement "GrooveYard" every Wednesday at 5pm Eastern / 2pm Pacific.





Previous Specials

Listen for Special Shows on Big8Radio.com like the CKLW Big30 Countdowns, our 'All-DJ' hour called "Jock-a-Palooza", The Guest List or past all-day specials like our Motown 60th Celebration. We'll also on occasion pay tribute to our musical stars with hourly spotlights on birthdays or remembrances of their passing throughout the day.


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