CKLW Dot Net - gone but not forgetten.

The Classic CKLW Page is Back!

In 1991 Jack Dekker started a CKLW tribute page on the fledgling internet called The Classic CKLW Page at Website hosting was free on sites like "Tripod" where graphics were minimal and posting content was very labor intensive. This was the time BEFORE MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, blogs - even before Napster. There were no videos or audio streaming. The site went inactive and was frozen by Jack around 2001 where it languished for 20 years. The page disappeared from view as many abandoned pages have over the years. Of course these days Facebook and YouTube have become the place to have groups with a global reach - yet this old site still has some charm. We've managed to save some of the original content thanks to Mr. Dekker and updated old links and non-functioning website pages.

Comments Page

Announcers Page

The Board Operators Page

The History of CKLW's 50th Anniversary Audio Documentary - article

The Demise of The Big 8 - article

Byron MacGregor's Funeral - article

Chris Andrews Aircheck trading list (2021 updated version!)

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