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CKLW - The Big 8 Honor Roll
Announcers appearing on CKLW from 1967 to 1984

The original list was compiled with many thanks to the late CKLW producer Tommy Ryan / updated 2021 by Charlie O'Brien

(Numbers in parentheses are the era or first CKLW chart appearance noted - some approximate)

Ric Allen (1972)(also CFGO Ottawa)

Jack Anthony - Ted Anthony later on WLS Chicago, WCFL Chicago, WLTI Detroit

Darryl B - Darryl Burlingham (71) (also CKY Winnipeg, CKLG & CFUN Vancouver, CHUM Toronto)

Neale Blase (last name pronounced "blaze") (71)

Frank Brodie (Mike Marshall)(68 - mid 70's)(also CHOW Welland ONT, CKKW Kitchener ONT, CHML Hamilton ONT, CHED & CJCA Edmonton AL, CFTR,CKFK, and CHFI-FM Toronto, Smooth Jass WAVE94.7 Hamilton, ONT) Retired

Gary Burbank (75-76)(also KLPL Lake Providence LA, WMPS Memphis, WAKY Louisville, WLW Cincinatti, WDAE Tampa FL, WNOE New Orleans)

Bob Clarke (Tom Brownlie)(1970)(also CHUM Toronto as Dr. Don Reagan)

Al Dylan - 1979

"Big" Jim Edwards(James Davis)(67-70) (Bob Evans WOR-FM NY) Retired from radio management 2019 - runs production and voice services company. Can be heard weekly on his radio show on short wave or the web at WWTW.

Fred Ennis ("Earle Fredericks" 1969 20/20 News)

Joe Evans (79-85)(also CFGO Ottawa)

Charlie Fox (Dec. 71)(also WRKO Boston, KDWB Minneapolis, KWIZ,KFI, KHJ, KUTE, KMGG, KRLA Los Angeles)

Bill Gable (70's) (also WEAM Washington, WHBQ memphis, KHJ Los Angeles,CFTR Toronto (Program Director), WLW Cincinatti, WMAG Greensboro NC, WOCL Orlando, WOCL & WMMO Orlando, CHFI-FM Toronto, AM740 Toronto Morning Host) Deceased 2018.

Gary Hart

Lou Henry 20/20 News (filled in on air as "Mike McCord") (75-80)

Dick Hildebrand 20/20 News

Chuck Hobart ("Chip" Hobart (71) (also WRKO Boston , WIXY Cleveland)Deceased March 2021.

Pat Holiday (also WOR-FM New York as China Blue) (early 70's to 85)(also WLTI Detroit, Program Director and General Manager for Standard Radio Stations in Toronto (CFRB), Calagary and Montreal) Retired from radio now runs - a radio consulting service. Most recently launched a free youtube series of classes on becoming a radio Program Director.

Steve Hunter (late Jan. 69 to early Sept. 71)(also WIXY Cleveland)Retired from radio, now a business owner in Texas. Can be heard weekly on his radio show on short wave or the web at WWTW.

J.J. Jackson (77)(also WQXI Atalanta, WGCL Cleveland, KSON San Diego, WFOX & WLCL Atlanta,WYYU Dalton GA, KHYL Sacramento CA, WLUE Louisville KY) retired from radio now with Winston Industries in the K-12 market "School Nurition Guru"

Jim Jackson (70-72)(also CJNB North Battleford,Sask., CJOC Lethbridge Alberta, CHED Edmonton Alberta, CFGO Ottawa as Program Director, CKY Winnipeg Manitoba, CKXL Calgary Alberta)Retired

Mike Kelly (started in 73 but did mostly fill in and vacations till late 76 and 77, when he did the all night show) Deceased August 2005

Super Max Kinkel (70's)(also on WCBS-FM NY) Now runs Supermax Radio on the web.

Walt "Baby" Love (a few months in 70)

Jack London (Spring 79-Late Summer 82)(also CJBK Belleville ONT, CFTR Toronto)

Bob Losure 20/20 News evenings (later with CNN Headline News) Deceased

Billy Mack (also known as Kris Erik Stevens on KIIS/KQV/WQXI/WLS/WCFL, and Johnny Mitchell on KOIL)(June-August? 1967)

Hal Martin (real name: Michael Spears (71-72)Hal Martin left CKLW to become a long-time Program Director at RKO-owned KFRC in San Francisco. After a long and courageous battle with cancer, he passed away in Dallas, Texas in October, 2005

Chuck Williams(real name:Greg Aust)(also appeared as Chuck McKay Feb. 75)(also WNHC New Haven CT, KVI Seattle)

Ed Mitchell (John Harrison Frick)(70) (later as Mark Elliott at KFRC san Francisco, ,KHJ Los Angeles, CBS-TV and Disney movie trailer voice over actor) Deceased April 2021

Gary Mitchell (70)(also KGB San Diego)

Bob Moody (Oct. 73-June 76)(also WOAI San Antonio TX, KTLK Denver, WAKY Louisville, KRMD Shreveport LA, WPOC Baltimore) In 2012 former Real Local Radio Group - a full service Country Radio consulting & coaching service)

Chuck Morgan (Jan. 68,)

Jerry Morgan (Sept. 70)

Johnny Morgan (May 67)(also WOLF, WNDR and WFBL Syracuse NY)

Charlie O'Brien (Feb 76-June 84) (first chart Feb. 3, 76) (again 1986-1992 CKLW-FM) and again (1997-2018) retired - runs

Hank O'Neill (70)(also WPCG Washington DC, WJBK, WHND and WWWW Detroit, WCCW Traverse City MI, Winter Haven FL)deceased - Jan. 15, 2011

Dick Purtan (Nov. 1/78-83) (WKNR 65-68) (WXYZ 68-78)(WOMC) Retired.

Scott Regan (Apr. 68 )(also WFUN Miami, WKNR Detroit) retired and living Florida. Recently published a book (2020)

Dusty Rhodes (mornings Aug. 66-May 67)(also WOLF, WNDR, WONG Syrcacuse NY, WUBE, WKRC, WLW, WGRR, WSAI and WDJO Cincinnati)

Mark Richards (68) (also WCWA and WRQN Toledo OH, WLYV Ft. Wayne IN, Jim Brady CFTR and CFGM Toronto, KLAC Los Angeles CA, WBAP Ft. Worth TX) Deceased. June 5, 2014

Ted Richards (also appeared as Teddy Bear Richards and Ted the Bear Richards, or just "Ted the Bear" March 72-Jan. 85) (WAPE Jacksonville, Honey RadioAM56 Monroe, WOMC Detroit, Jones Satelitte Radio Networks) Retired

Mike Rivers (Sept. 67-late in '68)(also WIBG as Ed Richards) deceased

Tom Rivers (Tom Neal)(71)(also WNBY Newberry MI, WIDG St. Ignace MI, WVIC Lansing MI, WIBG Philadelphia, KIQQ Los Angeles, KFRC & KYA San Francisco,WKNR Detroit, CHUM, CFTR, CHOG, CKEZ-FM, CJAQ Toronto, CKRA Edmonton AL) Deceased

Duke Roberts (also worked at CHUM as Gary Duke -60's, as Duke Roberts - 70's, WMID Atylantic City NJ, WYBG Massena NY, CFOX Montreal, WMEX Boston, WFUN Miami, WIBG Philadelphia, KFRC San Franciso, CFTR Toronto, WRGO Cedar lake FLA) Runs Stoehr Communications, Ocala Florida.

Len Robinson (two tours - 60's first as Tom Shannon's board op / later in 70's on air, also CHWC Goderich ONT)

Eddie Rogers (72-73)(also WEAM Washington, WKTQ Pittsburgh, WXZY , WMJC, WCLS, WOMC & WLTI Detroit) Currently VP Special Projects, FORD Motor Company

Doug Rollins (late 70's-84)

Tom Ryan (Purtan sidekick - later hosted AM Drive)(also WXYZ & WOMC-FM Detroit)Retired

Pat St. John (69-70 - D.J. and 20/20 newscaster to start, became full-time D.J. in 1970) (also WKNR Detroit, WPLJ & WCBS-FM NY, Currently heard daily on Sirius/XM Satelitte "60's on 6 Show")

Bob Savage (Sept. 73)(also WKBW Buffalo)

John Scott (Mar 71)

Dave Shafer (3 tours- 60's, 70's,80's)(also Dover Delaware, Buffalo NY, WJBK - as Jack The bellboy, Program Director WCAR,WCZY-FM & WOMC-FM Detroit) Deceased

Tom Shannon (3 tours 60's, 70's, 89-93)(also WKBW & WGR Buffalo,"The Lively Spot" host on CKLW TV Ch 9, WXYZ radio & TV (hosted TVtalk show) Detroit, Tower 92-FM Detroit, , KHOW & KLZ Denver, WHTT-FM Buffalo) Retired and living in California

Bob Todd(Bob Thurgaland) (Sept. 67)(also KBOX Shreveport LA, WQXI Atlanta,WIBG Philadelphia, WAKY Louisville (as Program Director) Most recently ran a media consulting firm in Florida.

Charlie Van Dyke (late 60's)(also KLIF Dallas, KFRC San Francisco, KHJ Los Angeles (also Program Director), WRKO Boston,WLS Chicago) Heard on hundreds of radio & TV stations as imaging voice.

Todd Wallace (Sept. 69-70)(also KFDI and KWBB Wichita KS, KLIF Dallas TX, KBTR and KIMN Denver CO, KILT Houston TX, KRUZ, KUPD, KTAR, KKLT and KRIZ Phoenix AZ, KTSA San Antonio TX) Later ran radio consulting firm Todd Wallace Associates.

Johnny Williams (early 70's-85)(also WTRX Flint MI, WOHO Toledo OH, WYSL Buffalo NY, WQXL Cleveland, WNIC Detroit MI, XM Satellite Radio) Deceased April 17, 2020.

Bill Winters (Mornings 1971)(also various in Rock Mount NC, WGAI Elizabeth City NC, WLCY St. Petersburg. WQAM Miami, WKYC Cleveland, WPOP Hartford CT, WCAO Baltoimore, WBZ Boston, WCBS-FM NY) Deceased Nov. 27, 1975


Recently departed Big 8 friends: Ed Mitchell (Mark Elliott at KHJ - April 2021), Chip "Chuck" Hobart (2021), former Newsman Dick Smyth (2021), former Newsman Grant Hudson (2021), Johnny Williams (2020), Larry Menkin (board op), former GM Herb McCord, Thomas Ryan(former board op), Bill Gable.








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