The CKLW Chart Book (1967-1983) by David Kelly (c)2021 David Kelly

Introducing the CKLW Chart Book by Music researcher David Kelly of Pennsylvania. He has spent thousands of hours researching the music of CKLW Radio and has produced the definitive list of music from the Boss radio years of The Big 8.

The CKLW Chart Book contains all the songs played on The Big 8 CKLW from Chart Issue #1 in April 1967 through the end of the charts in 1983. By the end 1979 charts were no longer printed for the consumer, but only for distribution in record and retail stores.

The CKLW Chart Book is (c)2021 by David Kelly. CKLW Chart Book data is (c)2021 by David Kelly and may NOT be copied, used commercially, transcribed, delivered electronically in any form, or posted to websites or social media without express written permission.

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Songs are sorted by ARTIST name. Subsets list artist groups, alternate group spellings and duets etc.

Debut Date shows the date the song was first played on CKLW.

Peak shows the highest chart positon arttained. #1 songs are BOLDED - weeks at #1 and highlighted yellow.

Peak also shows hitbound records "HB." (see note below**)

Year Rank shows the position the song attained in the year end Top 100 ( or Top 80 some years). #1 song of the year is BOLDED and highlighted red.

Year Rank also notes a song where the song placed in the Top 100 of the FOLLOWING year.

Some artists have JUMP points noting solo artists or groups.

Canadian songs are noted several ways using the M(music)-A(artist)-P(production)-L(lyrics) "Maple" system used by the CRTC. Canadian artists with a song that is 4 parts Canadian (MAPL) is listed as "CANCON." Any song recorded before Jan. 1, 1970 required only 1 component to qualify as CANCON.

If a 45 record label noted only 2 parts (eg. artist and lyrics) then those are listed.

**For convenience sake the CKLW Chart Book lists Canadian songs that were playlist extras as hitbound ("HB") for song PEAK. Most of these extras were played - but did not chart.

  Year   Doors    
  Rank Debut 1967 Peak  
  1 May 23 Light My Fire #1 (4 wks)  
  73 Sep. 12 People Are Strange 5  



  The Doobie Brothers   Also see - Michael McDonald
      Doctor Music   CanCon
    Debut 1971 Peak  
    Sep. 6 One More Mountain To Climb HB  



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